Whopper Virgins: Why so serious?

Whopper Virgin

Whopper Virgin

Despite the humor of the Whopper Virgins preview, the resulting mini-documentary is actually very different in tone.

It’s a really interesting piece of content that highlights the nuances and differences between cultures and explores the curious reactions people have to unfamiliar entities; in this case the hamburger.

We take for granted that the way to consume a Big Mac is to pick up the burger with both hands and take a bite, so it’s fascinating to see how those unfamiliar with these prevailing customs choose to take that crucial first bite.

I don’t think any of the critics could argue that this isn’t done in good taste. That said, having previously lauded the CPB strategy as being well targeted and strategically sound, I am left feeling that this is poorer for its lack of humor. Despite finding it engaging, it feels very off brand to me…A million miles away from Whopper Freakout.


One response to “Whopper Virgins: Why so serious?

  1. This is just wrong wrong wrong in SO many ways. I tried to contact BK but can’t find a site into them – just more examples of the disgusting ads with no place to comment. Does anyone have a way in?

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