A web experience that reflects your mood


IfeelNYC is a site that allows you to find things to do in New York according to the mood you are in (thanks for sharing LT).

Too often the navigation of city guides are dictated and constrained by our location, budget and the type of activity we are interested in pursuing, so it’s refreshing to find a taxonomy based on the mood we find ourselves in…

This got me thinking: Imagine if websites and brands knew the mood of their online visitors. Given that the brands and types of online experiences I am receptive to depends partly on which side of the bed I got out that day, my user experience would potentially be so much greater if I told my search engine what kind of mood I was in…

Perhaps knowing whether a user was feeling hungover/energetic/manly would affect the types of products and content that a brand site pushed to you. Maybe the whole site design, interface and navigation could change depending on how you felt that day. I certainly don’t want flashing lights when I’m hungover.

I guess this is very much consistent with the larger trend of the personalization of online experiences. Brands are constantly trying to extract information to ensure that your experience is as customized as possible. This would just be one more thing to aid them in their quest to be as relevant as possible.

One obvious stumbling block to this being implemented successfully would be the fact that moods affect people in different ways. That, however, is a discussion for some other time…


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