Save Tango

Save Tango

Just when I was starting to think that the UK had become too sanitized and that any campaign with even the slightest whiff of irreverence or humor would be forever banished from our living rooms, comes this campaign from Tango.

Despite not being a Tango drinker, I have always felt a strong affinity for the brand. This is in no small part thanks to their heritage of brilliantly bizarre communications. I know few who don’t fondly remember Tango spokesman Ray Gardner challenging the complaint of a French student as he marches towards a boxing ring nestled in the cliffs of Dover.

Now, in its time of need, the brand is once again indulging in a rousing call to arms – this time to Save Tango against the ‘poncy smoothies and the finger wagging, corduroy wearing, PC brigade’.

We are encouraged to pledge our support and create a ‘Can Fist’ by purchasing the drink and brandishing it aloft with pride

I particularly like the Guerrilla toolkit which includes ‘Save Tango’ stencils and these Sod The Panda/Rain-Forests Grow Back posters.

save tango 2

I just hope that my North London neighbors back home remember to take these with a pinch of salt when they seem them pasted up on their local lampposts.

Whether this will be ultimately be enough to save what is undoubtedly a tough period for the brand I’m not so sure, but I’m definitely a fan of this work from BBH, and I feel that it will, at the very least, serve to unite Tango loyalists and remind the public of a much loved brand that they might just have forgotten about.

I’m off to find a bodega in NY that sells Tango…


2 responses to “Save Tango

  1. Not sure if this campaign had an impact but, there was a spike in Tango sales at the Whole Foods in Union Square this afternoon, between 12:20 – 12:22pm.

    New Yorks fizzy beverage community holds its breath

  2. Dylan. I would like to see you dressed in orange on top of the Empire State, making a Can Fist. Only then will I believe your love for Tango.

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