I left this here for you to read


“I left this here for you to read” is a magazine-project by the artist Tim Devin.

About once a month, the magazine is printed (limited to a run of just 50) and the copies are then left in random public places, such as park benches, buses, airports and dentists’ offices for ordinary people to find.

This idea has a lovely ‘message in a bottle’ quality no? I think there is something rather glamorous and intriguing about not knowing who, if anyone, is gong to read what you have spent time and love producing.

This has inspired me- I think I am going to make a mix tape and leave it on the subway for someone to find (and hopefully enjoy)…

The idea of purposely leaving things for people to find reminds me of a great campaign for the UK launch of Entourage. I believe M&C Saatchi did it, but I may be wrong. Rewritable DVDs in clear plastic sleeves were strategically left on buses and on trains with what appeared to be personal messages scrawled on them like “You have to check out this new program Entourage Tom. it’s awesome.” Naturally, those who found the disks assumed that people had accidentally left them behind, and often their interest was piqued enough to take the DVDs home and watch the Entourage episode that was on it.

As a quick aside, there is something incredibly compelling about a personal recommendation (as supposed to an amazon-esque artificially generated one) even when it is not made directly to you. How often do you see a youtube link that has been posted on someone else’s Facebook wall, and feel the urge to check it out, even though the recommendation wasn’t intended for you. I wonder just how many brands out there are employing naughty stealth tactics, posing as ordinary consumers and posting fake consumer reviews and reccomendations on the web.

Anyway, I digress. Like all good secrets, people that enjoyed the episode of Entourage that they found on the mysterious disk felt compelled to pass on the disk, and a recommendation of the show, to their friends. A great Word of Mouth campaign was born.

Funnily enough, I can’t find information about this campaign anywhere on the interweb. Am I imagining it?


2 responses to “I left this here for you to read

  1. This reminds me of ‘bookcrossing’ – n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.


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