A few days after writing my post about online user experiences being enhanced if they were personalized by the mood we found ourselves in, I stumbled across Moodstream. It’s actually six months old now, but despite hearing about it a while back, I hadn’t previously checked it out.

Moodstream essentially allows you to research the intimidatingly vast Getty Images media bank using a rather well designed interface where you can specify the mood you are in. As you adjust and fine tune the ambiance settings, you receive a live stream of images, videos and music, that supposedly reflects that specified mood. When you see/hear something that fits your needs, you can add it to a virtual moodboard that can be saved, replayed, and of course purchased from Getty. The service is almost six months old now. Has anyone used it and found it useful?

The service is far from perfect. I still can’t quite fathom why I saw a photo of an abandoned warehouse when I stipulated that I was feeling happy, lively, humorous and contemporary. It’s an innovative idea, though, and just the tip of the iceberg, as far as I’m concerned, with regards to mood dictated web services…


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