More opportunities to give things to strangers

After writing about Tim Devin’s cool little project ‘I left this hear for you to read,’ the always inspiring LT posted a comment about Bookcrossing, a community of readers who leave books in coffee shops and on park benches for others to find. Books can be registered on the site, which means you can potentially track the journey of your book around the world as it passes from reader to reader.

The idea has certainly gained traction. Thus far, over 700,000 people have registered in over 100 different countries.

Whilst it would be interesting to find out that the book you left in a coffee shop in Manhattan had wound up in a hostel in Prague three months later, I think I prefer the mystery of not knowing what fate befell my book. Like so much in life, often the fantasy is more interesting than the reality. I would rather imagine that my book had ended up in an opium den in Bogotá than know that my book was in fact on the floor in a Dunkin Donut in Brooklyn.

Which book would you most like a complete stranger to read?

I think I might well go for a healthy dose of dystopia…



3 responses to “More opportunities to give things to strangers

  1. Smoke and mirrors, pigs swill false facts,fake peddlers perverters of pure thought, and dissemination of bullshit wrapped up in rose petals , Ive had it up to the hilt, with the world of advertising, and I want my old job back in the helium balloon factory, at least they spoke to me in a way I could identify with, unlike you and your forked tongue friends.

    The book I would most like a stranger to find and read , is Dale Carngys” how to win friends and influence people”

    Love the blog.!


  2. Dystopia? More like dyspepsia around here mate.
    I’d leave Cormack McCarthy’s ‘The Road’.

  3. i would most like to find “i hope they serve beer in hell”

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