Back to the future

The marketing industry is replete with theorists ready to promulgate the view that TV is no longer an effective channel for communicating brand messages to consumers.

Whilst those slightly less myopic offer the repost that talk of the death of the 30 second spot is somewhat hyperbolic, it would be equally foolish to deny that this medium is facing an uncertain future.

I for one, however, feel somewhat excited when contemplating what the coming years hold for this bastion of so-called ‘traditional’ communication. With the increasing ubiquity of devices that allow us to fast forward through ads, it might well be that it is only if TV ads stop interrupting what we are interested in, and in fact become what we are interested in, that their potential decline to antiquation will be halted.

Innovation in a medium that is arguably starved of evolution is certainly one way to command attention and keep bums on seats/hands off remotes. Honda successfully did this with their live ‘Difficult is Worth Doing’ sky dive TV spot.

Now, four marketers are teaming up to air two ads in 3-D that will run during this year’s Super Bowl on Feb. 1. Intel, one of the marketers involved, have made 125 million pairs of 3-D glasses for the occasion which will be made available at various retail locations.

Whilst Super Bowl ad breaks are perhaps a rare breed as their heritage of creativity mean that consumers, for a change, need little incentive to sit and watch them, it’s precisely quirky innovations and ideas like this that will help ensure that TV ads remain an important way of reaching a mass audience.



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