Would you Sacrifice a friend for a Whopper?


Whilst many brands are so desperate to climb into the social media playpen “that all the kids seem to be talking about” that they clumsily create groups that are ignored, widgets that are useless and messages that are plain irritating, it’s nice to know that some brands know how to successfully play in this space.

Burger King has just unveiled their latest burger, the Angry Whopper and to help promote it they’ve created a Facebook application with a difference. Instead of encouraging you to merely join an inert group or throw a snowball at a friend, Burger King’s new Whopper Sacrifice Application is offering you a free Whopper if you de-friend 10 people. Genius.

It gets even better… Part of the BK application ensures that each of the 10 friends you choose to chuck gets a message notifying them that they have officially been sacrificed for a beef patty, so there is no chance that your victim wont notice.

De-friending is apparently one of the social media trends to watch out for in 2009, with people increasingly looking to trim their personal network. It’s good to see that BK are once again ahead of the curve.

For more anger-related inspiration, go visit BK’s Angry-Gram website, where you can send a personalized “Angry-Gram” to someone, letting them know how furious they make you.

It’s been a while since I’ve extolled the virtues of Burger King…That felt good.



5 responses to “Would you Sacrifice a friend for a Whopper?

  1. Although I’m in love with this concept, I unfortunately only have 9 friends. Looks like I’ll be shelling out $4.99 for a Whopper like every other slub.

  2. They should give me a Whooper for every V I’ve taken. Could breathe new life into their Whooper Virgins campaign. Can you say 2.0? I can, and it’s made me many thousands of dollars.

    Side note, one time, I had 4 whoopers in 2 hours and lost 10 friends.

  3. u can sacrifice me

  4. Seems like Burger king have now pulled the ad from Facebook. Apparently approx 230,000 people had been de-friended using the application. Facebook disabled it because they were unhappy about the message, and therefore Burger King rather than to continue the campaign with restrictions have decided to conclude it. I feel for Burger King, the controversy can only help bring them more exposure, for facebook it;s just naother example of censorship and their spinelessness.

    I look forward to more controversial BK campaigns in the future, but perhaps not in partnership with a gutlesss site like Facebook.


  5. I was as disappointed as you to see that the Whopper Sacrifice had been Sacrificed, but I think Burger King will undoubtedly feel that the campaign was a roaring success. I doubt they could have ever hoped for such fantastic participation and publicity…

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