Guerilla subvertising




Whilst Adbusters are arguably the Kings of Subvertising, the practice of making parodies of corporate advertising, the piece above is a fantastic example of how this genre can be manifested in guerrilla street art…

Photoshop-esque editing windows have been pasted over the faces of three pop queens (in a manner somewhat reminiscent of Dove’s Evolution viral) to create a striking image that seems intended as a critique of the constant editing and image manipulating post-production that is considered necessary in our image-obsessed society.

Given the industry I’m in, is it wrong that I enjoy appreciate this? Perhaps my conscience is eased knowing that this will inevitably generate a few PR inches which will in turn probably result in more sales for Britney, Leona and Christina…Everyone’s a winner.

Via the awesome Wooster Collective.

I shall leave you with a recent decent from Adbusters:



One response to “Guerilla subvertising

  1. its a pity they havent got a photoshop-esque program that allows you to edit personality and talent

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