I think I might actually miss the Tube

One of the best things about life in New York is being able to walk to work.

London’s districts and epicenters are sufficiently sprawling and distant to mean that it’s a rare privilege to find yourself in the enviable position of being able to avoid a thoroughly unpleasant rush-hour journey on the bus, or worse still, the Tube…

My abiding memory of my morning pilgrimage on the Tube is being consistently sandwiched between obnoxious men in indistinguishable suits who clearly had more of a reverence for making it into the office on time than they did for a personal hygiene routine. I would emerge triumphantly onto the platform of Farringdon at 8:55am looking like I had spent 25 minutes in a sauna and feeling like I had done 12 rounds with Ali.

Despite my distaste for the rush hour journey on the underground and my lauding of my New York routine, however, one thing I really do miss, is the extra reading time the Tube journey afforded me.

Despite the uncomfortable proximity to other commuters that I would find myself in, I always managed to wedge a book between their protruding stomachs and me. I would turn up to work feeling that little bit more informed or enlightened (admittedly I would sometime succumb to reading The London Lite on the return journey and get home feeling like I had actually lost a few brain cells…but you get the idea right).

I’ve considered trying to read whilst walking to work, but I’ve never been adept at multitasking and worry that trying to attempt to complete the activities of walking and reading concurrently could end in tears. I really envy the people in the gym who somehow manage to read the daily newspaper whilst running on the treadmill. How they do it is beyond me.

I think I might actually miss the Tube.

Anyway, musing over. If you have any suggestions that will make my 10 minute walk to work more enlightening, please let me know…


2 responses to “I think I might actually miss the Tube

  1. I recommend you download and listen to the free TED talks podcasts from itunes.

    You can absorb enlightnement from your ipod while keeping your eyes on where you’re going.

  2. Glad to see you got your Twitter feed working!

    I would like to suggest the following to make your journey to work more enlightening…

    1) Audiobooks / interesting podcasts on your iPod.
    2) Move back to London. (As the supply of audiobooks / interesting podcasts is finite, I suggest you’re best off going with this option.)

    And a new benefit to London’s reliance on public transport was revealed today: with about seven inches of snow, the transport network virtually shut down and there was nothing for it but to stay at home and build snowmen. You wouldn’t be able to do that if you could walk to work, now would you?

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