Since the respective technologies were spawned, men and women of all shapes and sizes have (often aided by significant quantities of alcohol) felt the need to scan and photocopy various items of their body for the enjoyment and amusement of their co-workers.

Now a curious chap with a more than healthy appetite and a bit too much time on his hands has decided to augment this trend by lovingly scanning the sandwiches he (or possibly she) eats each day. Whilst the website serves no real purpose, offers no clear utility, and seems unlikely to improve my life, I now find myself a devoted follower and loyalist of Scanwiches, delighting at the beauty of Monday’s mozzarella, dressing and arugula on semolina bread and awestruck by the size of Friday’s brisket and gravy, on a poppy seed roll.




One response to “Scanwiches

  1. that is one gargantuan tuna sandwich

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