Fat Pig


It takes a brave marketer to create a chocolate brand called Fat Pig

Gone are the laissez-faire days of old when we were afforded the glorious luxury of the choice to indulge ourselves with a naughty snack if we so wished. The simple moments of guiltless pleasure that I used to so frequently wallow in, are now seemingly impossible. They have been stolen from us.

Everywhere we look are reminders that what we are about to eat or drink is bad for us. You name it- Be it red meat, orange juice or tomato ketchup- There is a piece of dubious medical research out there (normally then published by the Daily Mail with a headline ending in multiple exclamation marks) that condemns it as being a primary cause of cancer, heart attacks or obesity.

The British government, in a desperate attempt to combat the alarming number of obese people walking the streets, is taking the drastic step of launching a scheme to get restaurants to print calorie information on their menus alongside the name of each dish.

Just imagine trying to enjoy a chocolate pud in a nice restaurant, knowing that the little devil constitutes 130% of your recommended daily calorie intake. I for one would be reduced to eating macrobiotic for the rest of my miserable life, soothed by the tasteless reassurance of food that I knew wouldn’t send me to an early grave.

Charlie Brooker nicely captures the ineptitude of such an idea in a hilarious article he wrote a while back:

It encourages fat people to waddle around with a head full of damning numbers, perpetually totting up their score like a failing bookmaker carrying out an internal audit.

A chocolate brand then, faced with the constant aural assault of their consumers’ ears about their product’s contribution to global obesity, would seemingly want to avoid any reminders that- whisper it now- ”eating too much makes you fat.” Analogously, it’s somewhat difficult to imagine a crisp brand called Spotty Teenager, or a cigarette brand called Chimney Lungs achieving much success.

However, and it’s a big however, whilst naming your chocolate brand Fat Pig seems at first to fly in the face of conventional wisdom about consumer psychology, perhaps those clever marketers at the helm thought that the name actually tapped into our incredulity with the government’s attempts to poison our enjoyment of any food other than celery.

Indeed, far from being put off by the reminder that one too many Fat Pigs will increase my waste line, I find myself curious to sample it.

The Fat Pig brand is also undeniably elevated by beautiful package design and some truly inspiring copy, both of  which imbue it with a real sense of fun and humor- something that’s seemingly as common as a happy investment banker right now.

Get your snout in this. Shove every single square in your face right now. And do it quick. Or some other fat pig might ask you for a piece. Oink oink.




5 responses to “Fat Pig

  1. I want some, and I want it now!
    One of your funniest posts BTW.

  2. whoseyourdaddy


  3. Love ‘chimney lungs’. How about ‘Up the Duff?’ pregnancy testing kits?
    BTW you have been in NY too long. Humor is spelt ‘humour’

  4. Thanks for the kind comments guys.

    As they say, Pops Armchair, ‘When in Rome…’

  5. This is absolutely fucking genius.

    God, I wish I thought of it now. 🙂

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