Walk, Jog, Run (and Crawl)

Nike+ is undeniably the King of online running communities, allowing you not only to analyze and track personal progress, but also to connect with a global community where you can share motivational goals and compete in “virtual
races” based on real-world miles logged.

That said, I have a real soft spot for the less sophisticated ‘Walk Jog Run.’ It’s also a free service, but unlike Nike+ it doesn’t require the use or ownership of any branded product to maximize its utility. Essentially, it allows you to create and share running routes, using Google Earth to calculate the distance of your chosen run.

Spring has sprung which means beach season is officially around the corner. The time for urgent action has arrived. This weekend I will be coming out of hibernation and hitting the mean streets of Manhattan with my running buddy Wyoming Strong. Hope to see you all on the West-Side highway sometime soon…

Saturday's run (weather and hangover permitting).

Saturday's run (weather and hangover permitting).


4 responses to “Walk, Jog, Run (and Crawl)

  1. Is there some link between this posting and your last?

  2. gonna take more than a jog to shift that belly

  3. I’m disappointed not to have been quoted as your source of running inspiration. Have you checked out gmaps pedometer?

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