“Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases”

Over the last few days, my Inbox, Twitter feed and Facebook page have been under siege by a glut of Swine Flu jokes. There really is nothing like humor to distract us from a global crisis.

Unlike some of the ideas on this blog, Swine Flu is undoubtedly Most Contagious…

Last night my Dad rang me to convey the severity of the Swine Flu situation, presumably just in case I had been living under a rock and hadn’t read the newspaper, watched the TV or browsed the internet in a week. His recommendation to me- Avoid all human contact and any large gathering of people.

Living in New York, I explained, meant that abiding by such stringent rules might be a tad tricky. Daily activities like taking the subway, working in an office, going to the gym or drinking in a bar all seemingly contravened his code. And last time I checked, refusing to shake a client’s hand was considered somewhat impolite.

Despite my refusal to accept my Dad’s suggestion of becoming the boy in the bubble, there are undoubtedly things we can do to protect and prevent ourselves from contracting the dreaded Swine Fever.

The government, for one, have a seemingly significant role to play in helping communicate what we can all do to control the spread of airborne diseases. They have a rich heritage of producing classic reminders to cover our mouths.

I thought I would share a few of my favorite pieces of illness-prevention communication from the last sixty years.






Finally, this is the NHS’s recent effort. Nothing like some nice photography to remind you quite how disgusting sneezing is. What do you think?


All images courtesy of The Advertising Archives.


One response to ““Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases”

  1. whoseyourdaddy

    The reason I suggested avoiding all human contact, was nothing to do with swine fever. Quite frankly Dylan you could do with a serious makeover hair, clothes, face etc, and last weeks incident, where those girls ran screaming from the office, was the final straw.
    And another thing, you keep refering to me in your blog as your father, sorry, but your Mother and I have been meaning to tell you something for a long time. Do the words “test tube baby” mean anything to you? I had nothing to do with it, I wasn’t even there on the night, hope that clears up the mystery of why you look the way you do! Oh by the way, whats this about you drinking in a bar, remember what Doctor Bloomstein said about your violent mood swings, when you have alcohol! Must go now, REMEMBER TO WEAR THE MASK I SENT YOU AT ALL TIMES and tell your fancy New York Advertising egocentric intellectual elitist long haired pretentious ipsmackingthirstquenching
    evergivingcoolfizzing … friends, they can kiss my comment

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