Objectified– not the way women in New York feel when inebriated men stare at them through glazed eyes at 3am on a Saturday night- but in fact a new feature length documentary from Gary Hustwit, the man who brought us Helvetica- Well, the documentary, not the typeface itself.

Objectified explores our relationship with manufactured objects and through a series of fascinating interviews that delve into the minds of acclaimed designers across the world, forces us to reconsider everyday objects that might previously have gone unnoticed or unexamined.

Whilst I like to think that I have a healthy obsession appreciation of- and indeed have often coveted- paradigms of great design, the movie has opened my eyes to the careful consideration and thought that goes into nearly everything in the manufactured environment. From my cutlery to my can opener, my bookshelf to my door handle, I’m seeing the world through increasingly analyzing eyes.



One response to “Objectified

  1. This McKinsey Quarterly presentation is as well designed as the Alessi products featured. The third segment on measuring success of design using function, form and commercial metrics thought provoking.

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