The Beatles visualized like never before

Over the last few years infographics and data visualization have experienced somewhat of a renaissance, and in the process have made the transition from a visual means of representing and simplifying data, to an art form that is celebrated and lauded just as much as any typographic design or other form of graphic design.

Topics that have had the pleasure of this visual treatment have ranged significantly, and have covered subjects as diverse as the recent financial crisis and the history of swine flu, emerging web trends and student budgets.

While I have has encountered countless examples of data visualization that I would happily have grace the walls of my apartment, few have captured my attention quite like Michael Deal’s visual exploration of The Beatles music. Topics brought to life using the visualization technique include the degrees of collaboration and authorship on different Beatles records, song keys and the band’s working schedule between 1963 and 1966.

The project is an open and collaborative one, inviting further contribution and ideas. If this is indeed just the start of the project, then I’m very excited to see where this one goes next…


One response to “The Beatles visualized like never before

  1. Wow – THAT is interesting. A very different way of looking at things. Especially when you’re talking about a band as over-analysed, over-eulogised, over-hypothesised, and over-criticised as the Beatles.

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