Sean Boyle on how to transform the Ad Industry @ Transformation 2010

Just back from the 4A’s Transformation conference in San Francisco.

When you create a conference with the lofty goal of illuminating and educating agency leaders (not me, but pretty much everyone else there) on how they can indeed make the necessary changes to revolutionize our industry, it is always going to be somewhat difficult to live up that.

Many of the speakers echoed the desperate need for change and cast dispersions on the current methodologies and techniques being employed by ad, media and research agencies alike, but despite some speakers articulating some thought provoking ideas, I felt that overall, there was a paucity of ideas on how we can in fact make these necessary changes.

Amongst the most interesting segments of the conference, were 5 minute speeches by winners of a competition initiated by Nancy Hill, to find individuals within the industry (Transformers) to talk about how they would personally change things.

Below, is Sean Boyle, a Global Planning Director at JWT, and a friend and colleague of mine, ruffling some feathers with his somewhat controversial Stop-Start 10 commandments: A guide to how to change the industry.

What do you think?


3 responses to “Sean Boyle on how to transform the Ad Industry @ Transformation 2010

  1. Brilliant video, Dylan. Thanks for sharing it.

    Sean makes points that are so on-the-money and is a great presenter.

    Yes the money men of the holding companies have done a lot of damage. I list it as as one of 5 key reasons for the fall of advertising agencies at

    I’ll be tweeting a link to your blog today for people to see this great video.

  2. Sean is somewhat of a renegade, forever rallying against what he believes is holding our industry back.

    Looking forward to reading your blog.


    • Probably not good for business to put Sean and me together.

      If I worked for anyone ever again I would probably need the title EVP Creative Destruction and Fermenting Forment.

      Advertising is one of the slowest industries to innovate and as a result has slid in perceived value to the degree that junior brand managers often dictate what agencies should do and are allowed to get away with it, while procurement departments can’t see any real value being created so cut agencies to the bone. (See my posting on Creative Services and the vicious cycle of procurement last year).

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